1. What is a review?
A review is when a customer takes the time to share information about their customer experience with products on NUE. Customer that have purchased a product write what they think about a product, its packaging, shipping process and if they received what they expected.  Some take and share photos.  The most common customer output is is a product rating between 1-5 stars.
  1. Why do customers write reviews?

That's really up to each customer.  Generally, however, customers know that most of us make decisions based on social feedback regarding products. It's their way of letting you know if the product is worth the purchase and value. 


  1. Who writes reviews for NUE products?
Only people that have purchased and received a product listed on NUE can write reviews. We source products from all over the world and sell them domestically and abroad, so many of our customer reviews reflect opinions of customers from all across the globe.


  1. Can I write a review?
Yes, you can write a review on any product you purchase. We actually encourage it.  It helps our product sourcing team refine what products and services we offer to you our customer. Additionally, it helps other customers in their buying decision process. We want the best products, quality and value for you.
  1. Why do so many product have 100 reviews?
One of the goals of our product team is to source quality items for you.  One thing we look for in a product is high social ratings.  This tells us that the manufacturer has produced something that customers truly like. Many times, our products have well over 100 reviews and sometimes less.  We limit most product reviews to 100 or less.  This makes it easier for you to sort and review them.  On occasion, we will show a higher number of reviews to help validate just how popular and accepted a product is among your fellow consumers.